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FILES_INFO - Utility to display processes having a particular file open

Excerpt from the FILES_INFO freeware_readme.txt file

FILES_INFO accepts a filename on the DCL command line and displays all the processes that have the file open for reading/writing.


The original author of FILES_INFO was Edward A. Heinrich, who apparently contributed it to the VMS Freeware collection. Since then (1994), it was modified/updated by Hunter Goatley to work on Alpha systems. The kits offered here were further modified to work on IA64 systems, and to deal with ODS5 extended file names. Thanks to H. Becker, who provided the non-Macro code using exe_std$cvt_ipid_to_epid().



Patches for FILES_INFO V3.0

Changes like these are expected to be included in the next version of FILES_INFO.


All versions of FILES_INFO beginning with V3.0, including older and/or experimental ones, may be found at the archive: /ftp/files_info/

FTP access is also available at:

Versions of FILES_INFO older than V3.0 may be found in various VMS Freeware collections around the Internet.

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