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Gzip for VMS - A File Compression/Expansion Utility

Excerpt from the gzip Web Page

gzip (GNU zip) is a compression utility designed to be a replacement for compress. Its main advantages over compress are much better compression and freedom from patented algorithms. It has been adopted by the GNU project and is now relatively popular on the Internet.

Gzip Web Sites

Caution for VMS Users

Gzip is a UNIX-oriented utility, and as such, it has little hope of dealing well with RMS files whose record format is anything exotic. It is able to deal with most common text file formats, at the cost of not determining a size (in bytes) or calculating a CRC checksum for any files.

For more versatile compressor-archiver programs with greater RMS capability, consider the Info-ZIP programs, Zip and UnZip.

For another UNIX-oriented compression utility, see bzip2.

Gzip 1.8 for VMS

Gzip 1.8 VMS-Ready Kits

Note: Gzip versions since 1.4 have been modernized (GNU-ized) to a point where they can not be built easily on older VMS systems (pre-V7.0?). The version 1.3.12 kit (below) is more likely to work on older systems. Kits for other, intermediate versions should be available in the archive.

Gzip 1.3.12 for VMS

Gzip 1.3.12 VMS-Ready Kits

Gzip for VMS Archive

All versions of Gzip for VMS, including older and experimental ones, may be found at the archive: /ftp/gzip/

FTP access is also available at:

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