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The entire set of diagnostic functionality for the MicroVAX 2000 and
VAXstation 2000 is integrated into the system's ROM based functionality. The
following is a description of that functionality and is described in three
Part I describes functional diagnostic tests that are automatically
invoked each time the system is powered on. Part II describes additional
diagnostic tests and maintenance utilities that can be invoked by the
customer. Part I and II diagnostic functionality are protected by copyright
and are not subject to licensing.  Part III describes Digital Equipment
Corporation, Field Service diagnostic tests and maintenance utilities that
require a Diagnostic Software License and service maintenance package
in order to invoke and execute.
Part I - Functionality Executed On Power-Up
Functional tests are run on each system power-up that check basic system
hardware operation. The console display terminal will show a hexadecimal
count down beginning at "F" and counting down to ``1''. Tests are performed
on power-up in the following sequence:
^ Base video subsystem tests (VAXstation 2000 only)
^ Time of Year Clock
^ Battery/NVR tests
^ Serial line controller tests
^ Memory tests
^ Memory Management Unit test
^ Floating Point Unit test
^ Interval Timer test
^ Disk controller test
^ Tape controller test
^ Interrupt controller/System I.D. ROM tests
^ Daughter module option tests
NOTE: Daughter modules installed in the system carry their own diagnostic code
      that is loaded, invoked, and executed from the main system ROMs.
Part II - Extended Diagnostics/Maintenance Utilities Available to the Customer
After completion of the power on tests described above, the customer may
elect to invoke one of several additional tests or maintenance utilities.
These can be executed from the system monitor prompt (>>>) utilizing the
following ``TEST'' commands:
TEST 0  - Invokes the customer runnable system excerciser. This test
executes a serial string test of all devices in the system.
After serial device testing has completed, a concurrent device test
is executed. The test automatically configures the test based
on the system's hardware configuration and will test all devices
present. This test runs for two test passes and concludes with a
summary table of test results.
TEST 50 - A utility that displays the hardware configuration of
the system. It displays a listing of all functionality present
along with status of each device on the last diagnostic executed.
Additionally, this display identifies the current revision of
firmware in the system as well as the system I.D. number (used as
the system's hardware address when networked).
TEST 51 - Allows the user to define a default boot device for
automatic bootstrapping of the system.
TEST 52 - Allows the user to set default boot flags to be used by the
operating system during boot operations.
TEST 53 - Allows the user to set default recovery action flags used
by the system during power up and also used by the system if an
error is detected with the operating environment.
TEST 54 - Displays a language inquiry menu on the console device
(VAXstation 2000 only) to allow the customer to select the
appropriate keyboard type based on the country keyboard in use.
On MicroVAX 2000, this function is accomplished through the
language set-up utility that is part of the console terminal.
TEST 61 - Sends a full screen of E's to the console monitor display
(VAXstation 2000 only) allowing a quick check of the monitor's
linearity adjustments.
TEST 62 - Sends a full white screen to the console monitor display
(VAXstation 2000 only) allowing a quick check of the monitor's
raster as well as a check of the video controller's display memory.
TEST 70 - Allows the customer to format hard disk drives and RX33
floppy diskettes. RX50 diskettes need not use this utility as they
come preformatted. If formatting a non-Digital Equipment
Corporation hard disk drive, this utility goes into a query mode
thus allowing the customer to enter drive parameter data prior to
actually performing the format operation.
Note:  Formatting destroys all user data on the disk or diskette
       being formatted.
TEST 71 - A disk verifier utility. This utility does a
non-destructive test of hard disk formats to search for new bad
blocks on the media since operating system installation and
identifies any new bad blocks to the customer. This utility is for
use with hard disks only.
TEST 90 - A utility that is used with systems that are connected
in a network configuration. This utility, when invoked, puts the
system in a test mode to provide loopback and system I.D. support
to network level diagnostics run from a host or boot node. Working
in combination with network level excercisers, this utility assists
in verifying the system's network hardware/firmware interface is
correctly functioning.
TEST 80000050 - A utility that displays all system firmware
revision levels by function (i.e. self test, bootstrap code,
console code, etc.).
Part III - Extended Diagnostics/Maintenance Utilities for Digital Equipment
           Corporation Field Service Personnel and Licensed Customers
This section describes diagnostic functionality that is proprietary to
the Digital Equipment Corporation Field Service and Support organizations. This
series of routines require the use of a special hardware key to invoke and
TEST 60 - A utility that displays a circle/crosshatch pattern on
the console monitor (VAXstation 2000 only). It is used by service
personnel to check/adjust monitor linearity and aspect ratio.
TEST 72 - A utility that writes a special key on scratch floppy
diskettes. After running a floppy diskette through this utility,
the diskette can then be used with the Field Service system
excerciser to do write testing of the floppy diskette subsystem.
Floppy diskettes used with the system excerciser that do not have
this special key written on the media will do a read test only.
TEST 73 - A utility that writes a special key on a scratch TK50
COMPACTape. After running the COMPACTape through this utility,
the cartridge can then be used with the Field Service system
excerciser to do write testing of the TK50 subsystem. Cartridges
used with the system excerciser that do not have this special key
written on the media will do a read test only.
TEST 101 - Executes the Field Service mode system excerciser. This
test excercises each device once sequentially and then
excercises all devices concurrently. This sequence is executed
for two complete passes of all system devices present in the
configuration. Loopback connectors and test media are required to
optimize test coverage with this routine. This test automatically
stops after two complete passes and displays a test summary.
TEST 102 - Executes the Field Service mode system excerciser. It
excercises all devices in the system configuration in the same
sequence as described for Test 101. However, when Test 102 is
invoked, the sequence is repeated continuously until the user
types CONTROL/C at the system console. When CONTROL/C is typed,
the test terminates at the conclusion of the current test
pass and displays a test summary. Note that the user must allow
this test to run for at least two complete passes before typing
TEST 80000106 - Allows the Field Service Engineer to select
individual device tests from the total test used in Test 102
described above. Whichever device tests are enabled and
executed run in a continuous loop until CONTROL/C is
typed at the system console. As with Test 102, the user must
allow this test run for at least two complete passes before
typing CONTROL/C.

HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS                                                 
The above described diagnostic functionality runs on a minimum system
hardware configuration consisting of a valid console device, an H7848 power
supply, and a KA410 system module (includes 2 Mbytes of RAM memory).
OPTIONAL HARDWARE                                                     
Ethernet Controller (comes standard with all VAXstation 2000 systems)
2 Mbyte Memory Daughter Module
4 Mbyte Memory Daughter Module
6 Mbyte Memory Daughter Module
12 Mbyte Memory Daughter Module
SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS                                                 
SOFTWARE WARRANTY                                                     
ORDERING INFORMATION                                                  
The Single-use Licensed diagnostic package is furnished under the licensing
provisions of DIGITAL's Standard Terms and Conditions which provide,
in part, that the Software and any part thereof may be used on only the
single CPU on which the software is first installed, and may be copied, in
whole or in part (with the proper inclusion of DIGITAL's copyright notice
and any proprietary notices on the software) for use on the same CPU.
You will need a separate license for each CPU on which you will be using the
product (except as otherwise specified by DIGITAL).  Then, Materials
and Service Options are selected to utilize the product effectively.  The
License options are described below.
ORDERING INFORMATION                                                  
ZNAGX-UZ  MicroVAX 2000/VAXstation 2000 End-User License Only
ZNAGX-HW  MicroVAX 2000/VAXstation 2000 Service Maintenance Package
LICENSE OPTIONS                                                       
For your first installation of this software product you must purchase as a
^ Single-Use License Option
The single-use license gives you the right to use the PART III extended
diagnostics/maintenance utilities on a single CPU.
^ Distribution and Documentation (Service Maintenance Package)
The Distribution and Documentation Diagnostic Package provides the
Special Hardware Key (Maintenance Guide, blank media, loopback and Ethernet
connectors) to operate the Part III Extended diagnostics.  You must have,
or order, a Single-Use License to obtain this option.  You will need this
option to install and use the Part III Extended diagnostic software.
Miscellaneous Options
Maintenance Documentation Service (MDS) - Microfiche documentation library
MD-VAX     Maintenance Documentation and Diagnostic Listings for VAX
           Systems (Library Only)
MD-VAX-R   Subscription Update Service for MD-VAX
MD-VAX-D   Maintenance Documentation for VAX systems (Library Only)
MD-VAX-DR  Subscription Update Service for MD-VAX-D
MD-VAX-L   Diagnostic Listings for VAX Systems (Library Only)
MD-VAX-LR  Subscription Update Service for MD-VAX-L
DEC-O-LOG  Microfiche
MD-MFDOL-00  Field Change Order notification service for all systems
             (initial subscription includes one year of updates).
MD-MFDOL-R   Subscription Update Service for MD-MFDOL-R (Renewal
             of initial subscription).
September 1988

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