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   The "TEST 6*" commands listed in the VAXstation 2000 diagnostics are
for the built-in monochrome (one-plane) graphics.  Not listed are the
following "TEST 8*" commands for the multi-plane graphics adapters:

   TEST 80 - Circle and cross-hatch  (*)
   TEST 81 - Full screen of E's
   TEST 82 - White screen
   TEST 83 - 4-bar color bars  (*)
   TEST 84 - Red screen  (*)
   TEST 85 - Green screen  (*)
   TEST 86 - Blue screen  (*)
   TEST 87 - 8-bar color bars
   TEST 88 - Gray scale

   Note that tests 80 and 83-86 (marked "(*)" above) are part of the
Field Service extended diagnostics, and are valid only when enabled
using the "special hardware key" described below.


   TEST 90, the Ethernet test utility ("E-net$_util"), shows the
Ethernet hardware address, and each time the user keys <Return>, a table
of statistics.  Keying CTRL/C terminates the test.


      Power-on Tests

   Identifier   Device Description

    F  MONO     Base video  [1-bit monochrome]
    E  CLK      System clock  [Time-of-Year clock]
    D  NVR      Nonvolatile RAM
    C  DZ       Serial line controller  [Includes keyboard and mouse.]
    B  MEM      Memory
    A  MM       Memory-management unit
    9  FP       Floating point unit
    8  IT       Interval timer
    7  HDC      ST506 disk controller
    6  TPC      SCSI (tape) controller
    5  SYS      Interrupt controller and Ethernet ID ROM
    4  4PLN     Optional 4-plane graphics coprocessor
    3           Reserved
    2           Reserved
    1  NI       Ethernet network interconnect

      Power-on Test Indicator Display


      After a (hexadecimal) digit:

   _  The device is not in the system.
   *  The device ROM is corrupt.
   ?  The device failed the test.
   .  The device passed the test.

   In the ST506 (HDC) controller section, the items (DUA0, DUA1,
DUA2) show the number of disk blocks (hexadecimal):

   00000000   No device.
   FFFFFFFF   RX33 floppy, no diskette.
   00000960   RX33 floppy, 1.2MB diskette (0x960 = 2400).
   000146B8   RD32 (0x146B8 = 83640, "42MB").
   00022000   RD53 (0x22000 = 139264, "71MB").
   0004C437   RD54 (0x4C437 = 312375, "159MB").

   In the (limited) SCSI section (TPC, tape controller) the eight items
correspond to SCSI ID values 0-7:

   01000001   TK50Z.  (Normally at ID 1.)
   FFFFFF03   Host adapter.  (Normally at ID 0.)
   FFFFFF05   No device.


   The "special hardware key" to enable the Field Service extended
diagnostics connects pins 12 and 18 of the Comm port (DB25).  (This
connection is sensed dynamically.  No power cycling or other action is

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